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First EnviroLAV Toilet Installed on TBM

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In a first for the tunnelling industry, an EnviroLAV toilet system for use on a tunnel boring machine at the Lyon-Turin project.
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In a first for the tunnelling industry, French construction groups SPIEBATIGNOLLES TPCI, EIFFAGE GC, purchased an EnviroLAV toilet installed on a TBM at their Lyon-Turin project. The electrically powered EnviroLAV is positioned at the rear of the Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) gantry, allowing for quick and simple installation and service on site.

The Compact model EnviroLAV features a small footprint of less than 1.5m2; an ideal size for the tight confines of the TBM where space is a limiting factor. Fold away steps allow for further maximisation of space.

EnviroLAV Toilet installed on TBM for French Tunnelling Project

Waste management and sanitation are often one of the last considerations on a tunnelling project, with most sites installing plastic porta-loo-style toilets that require weekly emptying. The EnviroLAV provides a more economical solution to this problem due to the unique waste breakdown process that reduces emptying requirements to just once per year based on standard usage.

To make maintenance trips even more efficient, the JV has also purchased a MineARC Waste Transfer Tank, which allows the EnviroLAV toilet to remain on the gantry during the entire life of the project. The emptying process is simple, utilising a gravity feed for the transfer of waste from the EnviroLAV to the waste transfer tank. The unit can hold up to 2000L, equivalent to two full standard EnviroLAVs.

For further information regarding MineARC’s EnviroLAV range, please click here, or contact us.


MineARC has made a significant impact on safety standards at the Lyon-Turin Tunnelling Project. Since February 2015, MineARC has commissioned 4 chambers onsite, including a custom TunnelSAFE MSV Refuge Chamber designed to fit 30 standing. 

Waste transfer tank for the underground toilet, EnviroLAV
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