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Multi-Service Vehicle Chamber Designed for Tunnelling ERP

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Multi-Service Vehicle Chamber for tunnelling is designed to be fitted with the client’s own remote control system, allowing the vehicle to be operated from within the refuge chamber.
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MineARC’s key priority is to continually offer the most advanced solutions on the market. Much of our success stems from creating client-specific solutions, and our latest TunnelSAFE chamber sold into Europe is no exception.

The TunnelSAFE (MSV) Multi-Service Vehicle Chamber for tunnelling is the newest addition to the TunnelSAFE range and has been developed as an alternative to the Rail Design based on industry demand. The MSV chamber can be fitted with the client’s own remote control system, allowing the vehicle to be operated from within the refuge chamber.

Interior view of TunnelSAFE Multi-Service Vehicle

Manufactured for the Lyon-Turin tunnelling project in the French Alps, the custom TunnelSAFE MSV Design features a unique internal layout based on the client’s request for high volume safe refuge transportation in an emergency. Unlike most refuge chambers that provide seating for all occupants, the Lyon-Turin chamber features standing room for 24 personnel with ceiling-mounted grab-rails, and six auto-retracting seats designed to accommodate fire brigade personnel wearing full BA equipment.

The TunnelSAFE MSV refuge features a custom chamber profile and mounting points to allow simple installation to the client’s own multi-service vehicle. In an emergency scenario, the vehicle can be driven directly out of the tunnel, with occupants safely sheltered in the mounted refuge chamber.

The customised Lyon-Turin chamber features a side entry door with a step ladder and grab rails for quick entry into the chamber in the event of an emergency. A removable side panel allows for easy access to the battery backup unit during service and maintenance.

To combat potentially high ambient temperatures on-site, the custom TunnelSAFE MSV also features MineARC’s unique misting system. The system assists in heat suppression of the external environment by emitting a fine mist of water around the exterior of the chamber. The mist is set to a droplet size that will flash evaporate under high temperatures, creating a temperature barrier around the chamber which, in turn, maintains a life-sustainable internal environment. The water supply tank, which is integrated into the refuge chamber floor, provides up to two hours of operation; activated via an internal control switch.

Some of the other major features of the Lyon-Turin TunnelSAFE MSV refuge chamber include:


For further information on MineARC’s range of TunnelSAFE Refuge Chambers, please contact us.

Misting button for TunnelSAFE MSV Chamber
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