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AirBANK Pressure System for Shelter-in-Place Safety

AirBANK Pressure System for Shelter-in-Place Safety
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A pressure system for shelter-in-place locations is critical to maintaining positive internal pressure and preventing the ingress of toxic gases.
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An internal positive pressure system for shelter-in-place (SIP) locations is critical in preventing the ingress of toxic gases.

The AirBANK Pressure System, was developed with simple operation in mind, allowing personnel to use it effectively during an emergency.

In a chemical release, personnel can use the AirBANK to efficiently maintain a positive pressure inside the SIP. This industry designed pressures system is installed at various petrochemical facilities across the Unites States, Australia, and India.

AirBANK Pressure System for Shelter-in-Place

Maintaining Positive Pressure

The AirBANK provides rapid pressurisation, which is conveniently activated and maintained using the AirBANK Control’s simple one-touch HMI touch-screen. Equipped with a bypass feature, the AirBANK Control automatically detects if the internal levels are not within breathable air limits, assuring personnel they are in a safe environment.

AirBANK Control comes equipped with a bypass feature that will detect if internal levels are not within breathable air limits.

Air leakage testing and sealing are critical in determining the condition for a potential shelter-in-place. MineARC, worked alongside High Performance Building Solutions, to identify the best solutions for customers. Also ensuring they comply with the highest standards of safety.

Minimising uncontrolled air leakage in the built environment is more important than ever, as sustainable design and construction practices increase,” said Meghan McDermott, co-owner and architectural engineer of High Performance Building Solutions. “No longer can the dependence on grossly oversized mechanical equipment be used to cover up a poorly performing building envelope. Current building codes require a continuous air barrier, but still, allow for contractors to sign off that a continuous air barrier is in place.

Monitoring Gas Levels

Aura-FX Digital Gas Monitor has been integrated into the AirBANK, helping to maintain the shelter’s gas levels within a specified range. The Aura-FX monitors and displays gas levels in real time, including site-specific toxic gases as required. Aura-FX also includes customizable voice-activated commands to direct users to perform certain tasks within the shelter.

Industry Applications of the AirBANK

MineARC worked alongside a major power supplier in the Carolinas by providing 14 AirBANK Systems for five different shelter-in-place locations. A thorough evaluation was undertaken, including room leakage tests. MineARC engineers determined the AirBANK to be the right solution for the sites’ emergency preparedness.

Each AirBANK Control includes a UPS battery backup in case of a main power failure, a standard feature for the AirBANK. The AirBANK Cylinder Rack is designed to store up to 11 high-pressure breathable air cylinders and allows any number of cylinder racks to be daisy-chained as required. The units installed detect ammonia, but the AirBANK Control can be tailored to detect any type of toxic gas monitoring a given site may need.

By utilising the latest technology, MineARC continues to develop products that go beyond meeting industry requirements for life-saving scenarios. MineARC understands the importance of employee safety; products like the AirBANK Pressure System aid in fulfilling the conditions necessary for the best outcome in case of an emergency situation.

MineARC Systems provides safe haven equipment to multiple companies around the work, including: Yara Fertiliers, Nutrien, INVISTA, Chemours, Duke Energy, BP Castrol, IOWA Fertilizer and many other petrochemical customers.

For more information on our petrochemical safety solutions, click here.

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