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500th Refuge Chamber Built in America

Table of Contents
MineARC Systems America manufactures their 500th refuge chamber, unit MAA-500.
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MineARC Systems America has reached an exciting milestone with the manufacturing of their 500th refuge chamber built in America, unit MAA-500. In 2007, MineARC Systems America sold the first MineSAFE (MAA-001) into the USA to Newmont at their Leeville underground gold mine. It was only fitting that Newmont is the same company to purchase MineSAFE MAA-500.

This MineSAFE was sold through MineARC’s local representative from Carwil Industries in Nevada. Dennis Hood, Carwil’s Regional Manager, was able to showcase the MineSAFE and introduce the new product innovations that are now standard with the MineARC MineSAFE Refuge Chamber.MineARC’s underground refuge chambers comply with the highest international regulations and are recognized for using industry best-practice guidelines in all their designs. Newmont also purchased an additional refuge chamber suitable for the type of environment at the Exodus Mine.

Refuge Chamber Built in America
500the Refuge Chamber built at MineARC America, MAA-500.

Some of the major standard and optional features of the MineARC MineSAFE are:

MineARC is very proud to have been involved in the underground hard rock and coal mining industries in the United States for more than ten years and looks forward to continuing to design our refuge chamber built in America.

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