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5 Advantages of Attending Service Training

Table of Contents
Regularly servicing and performing maintenance checks on a refuge chamber will help ensure your equipment is ready in the event of an emergency.
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In an emergency, to be unprepared due to insufficiently serviced refuge chambers is inexcusable. Regularly servicing and performing maintenance checks on a refuge chamber will help ensure your equipment is ready in the event of an emergency.

The rough and unapologetic conditions of an underground or industrial environment will affect the workings of any machinery; requiring them to be serviced more often.

MineARC Refuge Chambers are robust machines equipped with sophisticated life-saving technology. A team of qualified service technicians are available at MineARC to ensure your refuge is kept in optimum condition – however, we understand some sites may want to self-service their chambers.

1. Efficient Problem Solving

During maintenance checks and servicing, technicians will, at times, come across issues with a refuge chamber. Service School exposes employees to real topics, problems and challenges associated with refuge chambers. Personnel will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to be able to identify faults, but more importantly, rectify these issues.

Service School provides employees with the ability to efficiently trace and correct any failings within the refuge system; this is particularly beneficial to employees who are first on the scene.  Understanding the importance of regular and certified servicing will increase confidence and competence in servicing refuge chamber systems.

2. Upskill Employees

MineARC Service School is open to all clients; however, the course is particularly beneficial to safety officers, ventilation technicians, electricians, and maintenance crew. The training program covers unique subject matter relating to the service, maintenance and operation of refuge chambers, providing staff with the know-how to complete a task they are currently not qualified to perform. Servicing refuge chambers is a unique skill, and after completion of the course, participants are trained to perform regular maintenance checks and chamber servicing for two years.

A purpose-built training centre, combined with a hands-on approach to teaching, is an ideal setting for participants to experience real-life emergency situations. MineARC instructors have extensive experience and knowledge of refuge chambers, with strong technical and service backgrounds.

3. Enhance Communications

Attendees will gather a fundamental understanding of refuge chambers, how they work and their parts. This familiarity helps streamline interaction with staff at all levels; through enhanced identification and translation of requirements to supervisors, purchasing and MineARC Service Support.

Troubleshooting can be timely; Service School attendees have the necessary knowledge to identify critical areas to be able to analyse and resolve, an issue as well as where further investigation is required.  An advanced understanding of the mechanisms of refuge chambers eases communications between our service team and on-site technicians, as MineARC are able to clearly understand what is being requested and talk through a solution.

4. Cost-Effective

Different factors can impact a site’s decision to self-service or contract the MineARC Service Team, including location, chambers quantity, budget or in-house skills. Self-servicing a chamber is more cost-effective if those performing the service are efficiently qualified.

MineARC prides itself on its level of servicing and holds it to the same high standard as our refuge chamber design and manufacture. Our training school is managed and conducted with the same philosophy; ensuring peace of mind if you choose to send personnel to MineARC Service School.

In addition to the training provided, MineARC Systems will complete an annual on-site audit, free of charge. Ensuring the chambers are kept in optimal condition, as well as provide ongoing support to the employees who have completed Service School.

5. Building Relationships

One of the key features of Service School is the one-on-one interaction with our engineering, production and service teams.  The close setting provides a valuable opportunity for open discussion as well as feedback on the products and ease of use.

Further to this, attendees have the ability to network and confer with one another, enabling them to learn from others’ experiences, as well as from the instructor. Classes are kept small, to provide an interactive and attentive learning experience. Each course is designed to give attendees a better understanding of the equipment, through in-depth content and an open discussion platform.

The experience and training acquired through Service School make a real difference in the understanding of the mechanisms and the primary purpose of a refuge chamber, with the ability to improve emergency response procedures and safety standards.

MineARC Systems run monthly Service Schools throughout the year, which is currently available at MineARC offices in the following locations:

  • Perth, Western Australia
  • Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Dallas, Texas

Service Schools can also be conducted on-site for large groups.

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