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Terry retells his story of being underground in a refuge chamber during an truck fire in an Australi
Understanding what it feels like to be in a refuge chamber can improve the response of entrapped per
Will advances in technology to improve safety underground reduce current limitations and challenges
Common misconceptions about refuge chamber servicing answered.
How long should a refuge chamber run for in stand-alone mode? Safe haven or refuge chamber duration
MineARC Systems announced as the 2018 Telstra Western Australian Business of the Year and winner of
Emergency Response Team uses service training to better prepare for any event and provide all employ
Every refuge chamber requires an emergency power source to maintain the life-sustaining equipment if
In highly explosive environments, refuge chambers and safe havens can be adapted to withstand overpr
MineARC Australia manufactures 1500th refuge chamber, MA1500 - a major milestone for the global safe
October, 2018
A pressure system for shelter-in-place locations is critical to maintaining positive internal pres
September, 2018
Four, 40-person ChemSAFE Standard Design safe havens were installed and commissioned at Yara Pilbara
Hydrogen Sulfide is naturally generated in situ from reservoirs and sulfate containing minerals
With the growth of safety requirements, refuge chambers have become commonplace
Servicing and maintenance are a critical part of any organisation.
Safety Landscape across Africa
Mine safety is a global concern, with organisations continually investing time and resources to ensu
IoT in mining has the potential to dramatically impact global safety standards
Refuge chamber commissioning is a vital step in emergency planning. However, it is often not conside
New Distributor for Korea
MineARC Systems is pleased to be partnering with the highly regarded and leading distributor B.L. Ko
Heat can quickly accumulate inside a refuge chamber, increasing with each additional person.
An organisation’s safety culture plays an important role in its development. The adoption and enha
21 participants, including a psychologist, remained in a MineARC MineSAFE Refuge Chamber for 24 hour
The Compact Aura-FX has evolved from the standard unit; designed specifically to be used with the
Regularly servicing and performing maintenance checks on a refuge chamber will help ensure your equi