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MineARC Australia manufactures 1500th refuge chamber, MA1500 - a major milestone for the global safe
Fire dangers exist in underground mining and tunnelling operations.
IoT in mining has the potential to dramatically impact global safety standards
breaking gound in cap lamp technology
Improving light quality will boost visual performance, enhancing the ability to detect hazards and t
Heat can quickly accumulate inside a refuge chamber, increasing with each additional person.
An organisation’s safety culture plays an important role in its development. The adoption and enha
Numerous heat sources affect the internal temperature of a refuge chamber. A continuous build-up of
refuge chamber in space
Controlled (Closed) Ecological Life Support Systems (CELSS) and refuge chambers in space.
air tight environments
The primary control over the internal environment of a refuge chamber to ensure it can preserve life
minearc-internal-positive-pressure-refuge-chamber-feature 4x5
Positive pressure helps to prevent the ingress of airborne contaminants inside a refuge chamber.
Controlling the internal temperature assists in maintaining the occupant's health and well-being...
Why is it important to monitor gas levels in a sealed refuge chamber and how is this done?
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Batteries provide a reliable Uninterruptable Power Supply to power a refuge chamber in the event...
Fitted with the unique Compressed Air Management System, a 20 person MineSAFE Standard Design...
Safety needs to embrace technology in order to keep up with the continual changes to production and
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Oxygen levels of the “dead air space” will quickly be consumed without an additional source.
MineARC’s capacity to meet client specifications through customisation has aided in the developmen
February, 2018
Disaster and extreme weather shelter designed for Australian extreme weather conditions
The damage of severe weather and tropical cyclones can have a huge impact on production, often forci
The EnviroLAV Above Ground Toilet suits a diverse range of environments, from industrial constructio
EnviroLAV selected as the winner of the 2014 Australian Prospect Award for Excellence in Mine Safety
Heat stress has long been a cause for concern throughout the underground mining industry.