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How long should a refuge chamber run for in stand-alone mode? Safe haven or refuge chamber duration
impact of technology feature
Delving Deeper into the Future of Safety in Mining The adoption of technology into mines is still in
This story is retold with permission from Dave regarding a remote bogger fire in an underground nick
July, 2019
Sanitation and hygiene are critical to maintaining a healthy workplace. However, underground environ
Sanitation and hygiene are critical to maintaining a healthy workplace. However, underground environ
blog feature image- Mine Expansion Triggers Move Towards Safety Automation for Tüprag
The decision to develop and expand a mine also brings with it a distinct set of challenges to determ
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Refuge chamber quality that do not meet these standard requirements cannot safeguard against an emer
Addressing key questions on the installation of MineARC Systems GuardIAN Refuge Chamber Monitoring a
It’s not a hot topic in the media or even the office, but sanitation plays a significant role in a
A controlled environment is an enclosed area with specific parameters regulated, including temperatu
Oxygen candles are used as a backup source of breathable air in an emergency. They supply an on-dema
One way to overcome downtime is through implementing a remote monitoring and diagnostics system into
Large scale operations can have thousands of personnel on site during each shift. It is imperative t
Psychological stresses can impact decision making as well as physical state and behaviour when insid
A North American gold mine incorporates the first wireless stench gas technology to improve emergenc
Will advances in technology to improve safety underground reduce current limitations and challenges
Understanding what it feels like to be inside a refuge chamber can improve the response of entrapped
Common misconceptions about refuge chamber servicing answered.
December, 2018
Emergency communication systems in tunnelling are used to distribute information and instructions, m
In highly explosive environments, refuge chambers and safe havens can be adapted to withstand overpr
MineARC Systems announced as the 2018 Telstra Western Australian Business of the Year and winner of
November, 2018
Safety is paramount in any tunnelling project. Trusted tunnelling safety initiatives safeguard again
November, 2018
The modern mine refuge chamber is designed to host Internet-of-Things-enabled integrations, includin
Every refuge chamber requires an emergency power source to maintain the life-sustaining equipment if
Emergency Response Team uses service training to better prepare for any event and provide all employ
October, 2018
A pressure system for shelter-in-place locations is critical to maintaining positive internal pres
MineARC Australia manufactures 1500th refuge chamber, MA1500 - a major milestone for the global safe
October, 2018
Four, 40-person ChemSAFE Standard Design safe havens were installed and commissioned at Yara Pilbara
Refuge chambers are sealed environments, built to sustain life during an emergency or hazardous situ
Heat can quickly accumulate inside a refuge chamber, increasing with each additional person.
breaking gound in cap lamp technology
Improving light quality will boost visual performance, enhancing the ability to detect hazards and t
Fire dangers exist in underground mining and tunnelling operations.
Servicing and maintenance are a critical part of any organisation.
Hydrogen Sulfide is naturally generated in situ from reservoirs and sulfate containing minerals
Refuge Chambers utilised in Malaysian Tunnel Project
September, 2018
Kuala Lumpur’s Mass Rapid Transport Underground development.
September, 2018
Teams throughout Zambia showcased their technical skills and knowledge across a range of emergency s
Safety Landscape across Africa
Mine safety is a global concern, with organisations continually investing time and resources to ensu
IoT in mining has the potential to dramatically impact global safety standards
Refuge chamber commissioning is a vital step in emergency planning. However, it is often not conside
September, 2018
India recently held a workshop on New Austrian Tunnelling Method (NATM) and Tunnel Boring Machine (T
New Distributor for Korea
MineARC Systems is pleased to be partnering with the highly regarded and leading distributor B.L. Ko
An organisation’s safety culture plays an important role in its development. The adoption and enha
agm-zimbabwe-association-of-mine-managers (AMMZ)
September, 2018
MineARC was recently invited to speak at the 2017 Annual General Meeting of the Zimbabwe Association
September, 2018
Langley Park, located in Perth CBD, Western Australia, hosted the 7th annual Mines Emergency Rescue
21 participants, including a psychologist, remained in a MineARC MineSAFE Refuge Chamber for 24 hour
September, 2018
XV National Mine Rescue Competition finalists cancel contest to provide aid following Mexico City ea
September, 2018
For the second year running, MineARC Systems recently sponsored the Zambia Mines Rescue Competition.
Regularly servicing and performing maintenance checks on a refuge chamber will help ensure your equi
100 Refuge Chambers Built at MineARC Systems Africa
MineARC Systems African reached a milestone with the manufacture of their 100th refuge chamber, MAF-
September, 2018
MineARC Systems North America awarded the first MineARC Scholarship to a recipient from South Dakota
September, 2018
In 2017, MineARC sponsored the 13th Annual Nevada Underground Mine Rescue Contest in Winnemucca.
With the growth of safety requirements, refuge chambers have become commonplace
In an underground environment, Methane concentrations are extremely hazardous
MineARC Systems America manufactures their 500th refuge chamber, unit MAA-500.
September, 2018
The reality is the South African coal mining industry is rapidly falling behind in good safety pract
September, 2018
Poor refuge chamber maintenance, including inadequate part replacement and irregular servicing, has
September, 2018
Recognised for the innovative design of the TunnelSAFE Multi Service Vehicle Refuge Chamber, the fir
Numerous heat sources affect the internal temperature of a refuge chamber. A continuous build-up of
refuge chamber in space
Controlled (Closed) Ecological Life Support Systems (CELSS) and refuge chambers in space.
minearc-mine-stench-gas-alert-system-feature 4x5
August, 2018
Stench Gas contains Ethyl Mercaptan, although this gas is classed as flammable...
N.B.C. (Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical) Shelter uses AirGEN to purify air within the chamber.
air tight environments
The primary control over the internal environment of a refuge chamber to ensure it can preserve life
minearc-internal-positive-pressure-refuge-chamber-feature 4x5
Positive pressure helps to prevent the ingress of airborne contaminants inside a refuge chamber.
Controlling the internal temperature assists in maintaining the occupant's health and well-being...
chemical cartridges vs. free pour for scrubbers
Chemical scrubbing is the process of removing undesired gases from the air using chemical reactions
Why is it important to monitor gas levels in a sealed refuge chamber and how is this done?
The main focus was to bring the mine, up to date with the latest modern equipment capable of being m
On-site MineSAFE Training Refuge Chamber provided insight to Oyu Tolgoi team.
July, 2018
In collaboration with Mopani Copper Mines PLC, to implement corrective action to strengthen the inte
How does Carbon Monoxide enter a sealed refuge chamber and why is it necessary to remove this gas?
minearc-batteries-refuge-chamber-feature 4x5
Batteries provide a reliable Uninterruptable Power Supply to power a refuge chamber in the event...
minearc-hazardous gases-refuge-chamber-feature 4x5
In sealed environments, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide can build up and poison the air...
Refurbishment Program transforms damaged, worn or second-hand chambers into fully functioning, certi
June, 2018
MineARC’s new development in refuge chamber technology – the GuardIAN Remote Monitoring and Diag
Fitted with the unique Compressed Air Management System, a 20 person MineSAFE Standard Design...
Palabora Mining Company (PMC) embrace regular servicing and refuge chamber upgrades.
June, 2018
Hindustan Zinc Limited (HZL) purchase a MineARC MineSAFE Essential Design Refuge Chamber for their o
Safety needs to embrace technology in order to keep up with the continual changes to production and
minearc-breathable-air-refuge-chamber-feature 4x5
Oxygen levels of the “dead air space” will quickly be consumed without an additional source.
case-study-minearc refuge chambers in india
March, 2018
MineARC commissioned our very first chambers in India. Built for Hindustan Zinc Limited, the world
MineARC’s capacity to meet client specifications through customisation has aided in the developmen
February, 2018
Disaster and extreme weather shelter designed for Australian extreme weather conditions
February, 2018
The EnviroLAV Squat Pan toilet, a Western & Eastern combination-style configuration within the Dual
minearc-tunnelling-refuge-chamber-feature 4x5
January, 2018
Developing a refuge chamber to meet the specific needs of the tunnelling industry...
November, 2017
With the vision to create a mine site that is technologically advanced and a leader in safety practi
November, 2017
Each MineARC Coal Spec EnviroLAV is designed to be intrinsically safe for coal mining applications;
September, 2017
The 30-person TunnelSAFE Gantry Design (GD) Refuge Chamber is situated on a 7.76m diameter Herrenkne
The Compact Aura-FX has evolved from the standard unit; designed specifically to be used with the
August, 2017
Methane Shut-Off System and Detection for Tunnelling Refuge Chambers installed in Egypt.
July, 2017
The unique chambers will fit on to a Komatsu Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) for a 2700mm diameter sewer
Above and below ground sites throughout Africa, where space is a limiting factor, embrace compact to
Investing in Research and Development
The new Research and Development Centre, located in Perth, Western Australia, is a dedicated space f
October, 2016
In a first for the tunnelling industry, an EnviroLAV toilet system for use on a tunnel boring machin
minearc-cams-breathable-air-refuge-chamber-feature 4x5
Breathable air is air that can support life, has enough oxygen in its mix, and doesn’t contain con
September, 2016
MineARC’s EnviroLAV Toilet System is making a big impact at the Porgera Joint Venture in Papua New
A suite of advanced refuge technology, collectively known as MineARC's System Intelligence.
minearc-refuge-chamber-scrubber-feature 4x5
Refuge chamber scrubbing systems use chemical reactions to remove contaminants from the air within a
August, 2016
The underground mine environment poses a number of unique challenges for our people. As we work towa
Zimbabwe is closer to becoming a leader among African nations with their stance on mine safety.
July, 2016
MineARC Refuge Chambers are in high demand at the Brenner Base Tunnel (BBT), with a fourth TunnelSAF
June, 2016
The ChemSAFE Utility Design Safe Haven was recommended as an appropriate solution for Chemours' Emer
June, 2016
Multi-Service Vehicle Chamber for tunnelling is designed to be fitted with the client’s own remote