AirMAX Life Support System

The AirMAX Life Support System design is for non-built-for-purpose buildings that do not meet acceptable leak tightness for shelter-in-place. With ventilation shut down, a typical building can have up to five air changes per hour or higher depending on wind speed. Door operation as people enter can potentially bring additional contaminants from outside the shelter. As contaminated air infiltrates a building, the level of protection provided to the occupants diminished with time.

A safer and more economical alternative is to seal smaller existing rooms with a larger building. There are cost-effective means to create a "very tight" room (<0.04CFM per square foot of floor space) within a building by using specifically designed components such as clean room ceiling tiles, sealing doors, and vestibules. These tightly sealed rooms, however, cannot be occupied for long periods without the risk of occupants producing a high level of carbon dioxide and dangerously reducing oxygen levels.

AirMAX Life Support System for Shelter-in-Place

AirMAX Life Support System Product Overview

Shelter-in-Place AirMAX Life Support System

The MineARC AirMAX Life Support System combines two critical life support features. A Positive Pressure Maintenance System (PPMS) to keep toxic gases out and a supplemental oxygen delivery system. Optional Aura-FX Gas Monitoring ensures that external contaminants cannot enter the room while altering users to changes in gas levels.

  • Mobile design for easy relocation
  • Oxygen and compressed air cylinder storage
  • Oxygen Delivery System
  • Positive Pressure Maintenance System (>0.14psi)
  • 120/240V electrical connection
  • Optional Aura-FX Gas Monitoring (NH3, CL etc.)
Part Number Description
Occupancy <50 Person
Duration >4 Hours
Voltage 120V or 240V
Depth 36.25in (0.92m)
Width 25.25in (0.62m)
Height 76in (1.93m)
Weight (Est) Weight (Est): 1,100lbs (500kg)

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