AirGEN Scrubbing System

The AirGEN Scrubbing System is a standalone air regenerative system that ‘scrubs’ the air inside enclosed spaces - removing harmful gases such as CO (carbon monoxide) and CO2 (carbon dioxide) - a vital requirement for any sealed environment sheltering human life for an extended period of time.

Only a shelter that is 100% sealed from the external environment, guarantees safety from the ingress of smoke and other harmful toxins. Both carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2) can become lethal in high concentrations. This valuable life-saving equipment has been designed to operate standalone in any refuge chamber, safe haven, bomb shelter or survival shelter.

AirGEN Scrubbing System

AirGEN Scrubbing System Product Overview

The MineARC AirGEN Scrubbing System is a standalone air regenerative system that ‘scrubs’ the air inside of an enclosed location, effectively cleaning it so occupants can breathe.

Humans consume oxygen and expire carbon dioxide (CO2) as part of normal respiration. In high enough concentrations, CO2 can cause serious injury, leading to a loss of consciousness and eventually death. Removal of CO2 is therefore a vital necessity for any shelter-in-place location, especially where CO2 concentrations exceed one percent over the entrapment duration.

The AirGEN Scrubbing System is simple to operate with only a single switch and is powered from its own internal battery supply.

The MineARC AirGEN is compact in size, stores for extended periods, and is easy to operate.

The addition of a scrubbing system permits a shelter that is ventilated from the outside to be converted to a fully isolated environment, protected from external hazards.

  • Simple single switch operation
  • Easy fitment of chemical cartridges
  • 476mm / 18.75” x 349mm / 13.75” x 570mm / 22.6”
  • 41kg / 90lbs

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