Coal Spec EnviroLAV Toilets

The latest addition to the EnviroLAV range is MineARC’s Coal Spec EnviroLAV; featuring the same floorsize as the Standard EnviroLAV, but with a shorter height for lower seam coal mines.

The unit is designed to be intrinsically safe for coal mining applications; featuring a pneumatic operating system that simply requires connection to compressed air.


The Coal Spec EnviroLAV Toilet features a 1000L waste tank and the same efficient waste management process as the standard EnviroLAV system. It is available in male, female or unisex configurations, and can be made to suit customer specifications taking into consideration seam heights or dual facility requirements. Optional features include structural reinforcement for IT Hitch attachment.

MineARC’s biodegradable, non-toxic EnviroZYME solution works to break down the matter with every flush, involving no handling of hazardous chemicals at any stage. The efficiency of the EnviroZYME solution ensures the system emits minimum effluent odour and the waste treatment process causes minimal environmental impact.


Model Size Operation Height (m/in) Width (m/in) Length (m/in) Weight (kg/lb) Tank (L/gal)
ET-PN-S-CS Standard Coal Spec Pneumatic 2.28 / 7'4" 2.1 / 9'9" 1.7 / 5'7" 2500 / 5510 1000 / 264
ET-PN-S-CS-MP Reinforced Coal Spec Pneumatic 2.28 / 7'4" 2.1 / 9'9" 1.7 / 5'7" 2500 / 5510 1000 / 264
  • Pneumatic operation
  • Solid steel, corrosion resistant structure
  • Easy to transport
  • Eco-friendly enzymes
  • Low maintenance – empty once every 12 months
  • Durable 10+ year life cycle
  • Standard configuration with height of 2.28m for low-seam mines

EnviroLAV Interior

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