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Within the petrochemical processing industry, the common practice of modifying existing site buildings to function as shelter-in-place safe havens can often prove a timely and costly exercise, resulting in a non-flexible solution as site requirements shift over time.

In response, MineARC has developed a range of fully sealed, transportable and cost effective alternative to site building modification – the MineARC ChemSAFE Safe Haven Range.

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Petrochemical Safe Haven and Shelter-in-Place Solutions

ChemSAFE Standard Design

The ChemSAFE Standard Design Safe Haven has been continuously re-engineered and refined to offer the latest in safe refuge technology, providing chemical facility occupants with optimal safety features such as blast resistance, gas detection & scrubbing,and remote monitoring.

  • Series IV Control System
  • GuardIAN Remote Monitoring
  • 8-30 people

ChemSAFE Utility Design

The ChemSAFE Utility Design Safe Haven features a narrow construction for space restricted chemical applications. The safe haven's portable design features lifting lugs and forklift slots, allowing easy manoeuvrability around petrochemical facilities.

  • ELV Control System
  • Narrow shell for space restricted areas
  • 8-30 people

ChemSAFE Sealed Rooms

Intended for petrochemical facilities that do not have the physical space for a portable Safe Haven; ChemSAFE Sealed Rooms, along with the incorporation of life support systems such as the MineARC AirGEN and AirMAX ensures occupants remain safe.

  • Customised modular construction
  • Integrated life support options
  • Custom capacities

Comparison Table

Aura-FX Gas monitoring GuardIAN Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics Vestibule Shelter-in-Place 12hrs Battery Backup