Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) Mounted with a Refuge Chamber

Tunnel Vision: MineARC's latest Doha mounted refuge chamber caught on camera. 

During a commissioning trip to Doha, Qatar in December, MineARC Business Development Manager Kane Read managed to capture the sheer size and scope of the enormous Doha Metro Project in one photograph.

Chamber Commissioning a TunnelSAFE Refuge Chamber on the Doha Metro Project

Although this image captures only one Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) mounted MineARC Refuge Chamber making its way towards the main entry point on the Redline South, Herrenknecht TBM’s will eventually drill out over 216 kilometres of underground rail systems at an average diameter of 7.2 metres. With 100 stations across 4 main lines, this is a major infrastructure project which will make massive improvements to Doha’s crippling traffic congestion problems and also ties in with a larger rail project that will join Qatar with its neighbour Saudi Arabia.

MineARC is proud to be associated with Herrenknecht on this exciting project, providing safety and refuge solutions to a variety of specifications and variables across the four lines and 17 different TBM’s.

Business Development Manager, Thomas Horton, will be back out to Doha later this month to complete the commissioning of TBM refuge chambers across the Green line and Red line South.

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