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Permanent Refuge Chambers for Mine Safety in South America

Pan America Silver Corporation embraces safety

Pan American Silver Corporation is a company that demonstrates its commitment to workplace OH&S by partnering with MineARC Systems when it comes to mine safety solutions. Pan American Silver has entrusted MineARC with the design, manufacture, and installation of permanent refuge chambers at their underground Huarón mine in Cerro de Pasco, and their Morococha operation, located in the Yauli province of Peru.

On December of last year, MineARC Systems visited the Morococha mine site to install two permanent refuge chambers, each with a capacity for 30 persons. As each permanent chamber is designed to custom specifications by our in-house team of engineers, the facilities provide miners with multiple life-saving systems during an emergency.

These life-saving systems include:

  • An external compressed air supply
  • Secondary and tertiary oxygen supply
  • Scrubbing Systems for removing CO and CO2
  • Cooling and dehumidifying
  • Atmospheric monitoring systems
  • UPS battery backup system


MineSAFE Permanent Refuge Chamber for Pan America Silver Corporation

A permanent refuge chamber can often prove to be a more efficient and cost-effective solution than portable and semi-portable chambers. MineARC’s refuge chambers have successfully been used in real life situations during underground emergencies.

As part of our support to Pan American Silver Corp., MineARC fulfilled a complete training program for mine site personnel. The program consisted of “Training the Trainer” scheme, as well as a MineARC Service School to educate personnel in on-site annual chamber servicing.

The miners at Pan American Silver Corporation are now well equipped and prepared in the event of an emergency situation